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Drive away your Maths phobia with Yotaphy

Your personal online tutor for Mathematics

Thats all you need

Covers all aspects of learning. We make sure that you have a foolproof preparation.

Thinking on paper

Restricts guesswork and enforces 100% participation through written exercises.

School comes first

Targeted preparation for weekly tests at school and Semester examinations.

Work Smart, not Hard

Zero-in your weaknesses and grow from strength to strength.



The best all round preparation you can get

Our support is complete in itself; students will not require any help from outside either in the form of tutor or any reference books. Parents need not worry about the upcoming tests, timely revision or finishing their course on time; we will take care of it.

Key Differentiators

Carefully selected pool of problems including the ones frequently asked in school tests.

Spacing multiple revisions at regular intervals to enhance memory retention and active recall.

Support in problem solving akin to the one provided by a real teacher.

Daily mixed practice to improve student's ability to discriminate between problem types and to choose the right solution.

Writing makes a practice perfect

To prevent students from watching the videos passively, they are made to write down notes and upload them. To ensure that students worked out a problem not by guesswork but in a step by step approach, they are made to upload all their attempts. Get feedback from us, highlighting flaws in your learning.

Key Differentiators

Keeps the students on their toes by discouraging and detecting inactivity in students.

Students visualize problems better as they are made to draw rough diagrams themselves.

Students rewrite their notes based on feedback provided which helps them to correct the flaws in their learning.

A preparation that is closely aligned with your school

Students cover chapters in the same sequence as they are covered in school. Adjustments are made to the preparation in case school decides to add or remove some sections.

Key Differentiators

Completely aligned with your test schedules and focusses exclusively on problems pertaining to upcoming tests.

Adapts to variation in syllabi and testing patterns from one school to another.

Study in a same sequence as followed in school.

Proper strategy requires selecting the correct problems for practice

Problems have characteristics like time to solve, hardness level, marks and a likelihood to be asked in examination. If 2 problems require equal time to solve, are equally hard and have equal chance of being asked in a test, we should practice the problem with higher marks than the one with a lower marks. As students become proficient at solving more problems in less time, we refine our selection of problems for the student.

Key Differentiators

Prioritises problems based on examination specific parameters like marks, likelihood to be asked in exams etc.

Uses computer algorithms to design daily sessions with a goal of maximizing performance per session.

Saves time by filtering out easy and very hard problems.

About Us

Yotaphy is an interactive online Mathematics learning platform created by team of IIT Delhi alumni.

Many students lack basic understanding of Mathematical concepts. This makes learning new concepts even harder and students gradually lose interest in the subject. Further they also hesitate to ask questions in a group or in a class room. Yotaphy caters to these problems by providing a personalised audio visual program for each student.

Students tend to get distracted while learning in conventional classrooms or even while attending online learning courses. Keeping this factor in mind Yotaphy introduces a new concept of constantly uploading FAIR WORK. The Fair work will be reviewed regularly to ensure that there are no gaps in understanding. Students will then rework their fair work based on the feedback provided by us.

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